People and Cellars

In this space we want to highlight the people who make it possible for the earth to give us the best of its possibilities, who draw the profiles of our geography, make up the margins, landmarks and terms and make huts out of stone and of the terraced ridges.

For them, we save this little space, because inside a sip of wine, there is a spark of the soul of the person who makes it and a little piece of the place where it was born.


The cork is particularly important in the wine industry for the proper preservation of wine and cava.

Cork is a porous and impermeable material that is extracted from the bark of the cork oak, a species native to the western Mediterranean. The waterproofing comes from suberin, a natural polymer. The Catalan sector is a world leader in the production of quality corks. In 2010, Catalan production was 1919 tonnes, 85% of which came from the Girona regions.

Special cups

Glasses are also important when tasting a wine, although there are different opinions and sometimes fashions mark different trends, we will make three big distinctions, the glass for white wine, the glass for red wine and the glass for sparkling

The one for white wine is sought to be a little smaller, because we do not need the wine to oxygenate as much and we want to better preserve its low temperature by exposing the wine to the air on a smaller surface.

The one for red wine works the other way around than white wine, a larger surface allows us to better oxygenate the wine and let the aromas flow better.

And cava is perhaps the most subject to changes and fashions, although the long glass still prevails, which allows you to preserve temperature and gas and observe the rise of the classic bubbles, consumption with a glass of white wine is spreading in order to also enjoy the aromas and complexities of these wines.

Unique bottles

The bottles used in the packaging of wines and cavas are also special.

the most common capacity of these bottles is 75cl. followed by the magnums which are 1.5 L.

The greenish color of most of these bottles is also special, it is used in this way for the best conservation of wines, the opacity it provides protects the wine from sunlight.

And finally, it should be noted the difference between the bottles used in sparkling wine (cava, ancestral, etc.) and the rest of the wines, in the case of sparkling wines the glass is more double and the bottle has a shape that more resistant to withstand the pressure to which the carbonic fermentation subjects it and the gas that is produced inside.


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