We are restless people who love our land and its fruits, we decided to start Vins Infinits because we wanted to transfer to our customers, not only the wine but also part of the romanticism that surrounds it, the effort and resilience that the farmers and producers put into it and the illusions that are poured into it by all the people who are part of the wonderful world of oenology and viticulture.


We are not a simple website selling wine

We want to be your reference store, your wine distributors. Not what you look for wines for, but what you discover wines for, trying to avoid criteria of intensive agriculture, giving a window for the small producer and the maverick consumer who cares for the country to meet, making a local and conscious purchase ecological and circular economy. With a special focus on Catalan wines. Considering quality more than price and quantity.

Our people

We are distributors of Catalan wines. Because if our farmers sell, our farmers also buy. Trying to do pedagogy so that Catalan wines are the most sold in Catalonia, because there can be wines in the world that are just as good, but not better!


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